Holistic help for self-help and independence is our goal.

How the light began to radiate

A few years ago, I, Heike Rath, fulfilled my personal wish to get to know a bit of Africa, and to personally engage in becoming a nurse there. Since then, I have been working in Gulu, Uganda several times per year.

Due to my many experiences there, it became clear how important long-term and targeted help is in this country. Thanks to the generous support of friends, on May 28th 2010, we founded the association ‘Lightray Uganda’. The goal of this organization is to help the children.

Our Board

Heike Rath

  1. Director
    Born in 1969
    Anesthesia and intensive care

Andrea Wieck

2. Director
Born in 1959
Technical drawer

Jonas Gerlach

2. Director
Born in 1990
Software Developer

Ulrich Wernsing

Born in 1958
Divisional management (IT operations) at LVM Versicherung

Our Goal

Holistic help for self-help and
independence is our goal.

The Organization

We are an approved
non-profit organization.

Founding Members

Wilhelm Wesseln

Born in 1962

Ingrid Wernsing

Born in 1961
Head teacher

Dr. med. Markus Eichler

Born in 1966
Specialist surgeon

Bettina Hugenroth

Born in 1976
IT consultant

Founded in

Marcus Schemmer

Born in 1971